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Chaturbate offers a wide variety of performers from all horizons, genders and vibes covering all viewer's expectations and tastes.
We can find single models, couples, groups, role play performers, gays, lesbians, straights, shemales, timid girls busy with their smartphones or constantly active rooms.
So as a chaturbate's viewer, no matter what is that thing that makes you vibrate, your weakness is only few clicks away.

After we all agree on that statement, moniturbate data collection revealed that the most recorded / contacted performer at this date is the sweet ehotlovea also called Alice from Russia, with over 825787 followers, she is one of the top broadcaster on chaturbate and she performs alone or with Erik her partner. ehotlovea's particularity is her youth, although she is 24 years old, her body size fits perfectly the average teenager's body, making her the perfect fallback category for all the youth lovers wishing to keep it legal while enjoying themselves to death.

What so special about ehotlovea is that she plays the timid girl very static, which is pretty boring to me but not to everybody, and according to the amount of tips generously donated by the viewers she might slowly uncover her body and start playing with herself.

If you're lucky enough you'll see ehotlovea getting penetrated by Erik in various positions, but if you're less patient, the moniturbate software can help you out to catch the best moments of ehotlovea's broadcasts, which are approximatively 5 to 10% of her performances.

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