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I know that it will sound completely crazy to disclose such a story, but I don't give a fuck, so I had this talk with John the other day, after he came back from the grocery store and licked the bottom of his shoe, just to show the world how ridiculous the pandemic is.

And so he asked to me something very interesting, and it all started from there:
How do you think that the world will look like in 100 years ?

So I answered well John, I think that it will be pretty much like it is today

And he said Wrong answer ! The Bitcoin will raise up to 1.5 Million CAD, and the vaccine against covid19, covid20 and covid21 will turn to kill over 90% of the world wide populations, how about that ?

It's not the first time that John as been speculating on weird stuff, but it often happens that his speculations actually led him to millions of dollars, so after arguing a bit about covid and Blackjack, he sent me a link ( and explained to me that his masonic weed smoker friends have really tried to figure out a way to keep the earth safe and not get irreversible damage from climate changes, while keeping the population safe.

And so the idea is that after manufacturing enough robots designed to escort human lives without other human interactions, we will no longer need 90% of the worldwide population to keep moving forward, and that is solving the climate changing problem mentioned by the U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres on 28 march 2019.

I was really concerned by this statement so I asked But who's gonna buy the new Iphones then ? and he said Who's gonna need anybody anymore ?

Then I realized that this theory was not just big and unbelievable, it was also the most realistic way of survival for human species if you believe in the irreversible damage from climate change claimed to happen in the next 10 years by the U.N.

So I said if 90% of the planet is about to die following some vaccine, don't you think that somebody will notice and people will rebel before giving up ? it's not gonna be that simple ! And John said: But 10 years in the bible is 100 years overall, and with all the content programed to be served by Netflix and Epic Games, nobody will see anything coming ! Trust me I have reliable sources.

noah saving a small portion of humanity

Now that's where it gets interesting, John continued and said to me:

When the mason's plan will get into its final act, I'm gonna be short on porn, it's gonna be really tough to find good stuff to watch, I know in advance that Bill and Vlad wont even share so as usual I'm gonna need to get my shit straight by my own means, if you know what I mean... So here's the deal, you give me your moniturbate recorder for 5 fucking Bitcoins, how does that sound to you ?

So I said:

Well that sound great but how about a 10 to keep my mouth shut ?

And that was right before he said something like Fuck off, who's gonna believe you anyway !

So maybe you're not believing this story, and that is totally understandable. So let's put this story in the fiction category, but when the whole world will be out of porn, John McAfee might be there selling the recordings with a cigar in his mouth and screaming: "Fuck the DMCA bitches !"

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