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If you've been around chaturbate even once, you've noticed this pink dildo used by both men and women.

It is called the Lovense Lush and it's a Bluetooth remote control vibrator that has upgraded sexuality in many ways. It can be connected to a smartphone, and controlled softly by your finger or by anybody else's through a dedicated application, but the Lovense Lush can also be used through various applications and over the internet, which is for example the case with chaturbate, where the live cam viewers are controlling the Lovense Lush of the performers with the amount of their tips.

Lovense Lush was a great success in 2015 and was followed in 2018 with the Lush 2 that is even more silent and over four times more powerful than regular dildos.

But what's really a breakthrough in this time of new world order, is the full package that includes the Nora dildo with the same functions than the Lush but has a handle + the Max 2 which is a silicon pussy for men with some air mechanism to mimics vaginal contractions.
These two devices allow two genius individuals of opposite sexes, and afraid of getting killed by the corona virus, to kill the world as we knew it by simply stay at home and have virtual intercourses, and therefore reduce human interactions for the greatest good.

This comes also with a bunch of problem solving features, such as free from getting caught at cheating, but the Russians might be keeping logs of your digital sexuality, so if you don't plan on becoming a public figure you should be safe from blackmailing.

As often discussed with many moniturbate friends of mine, as long as it does good to you at a specific point of time, it is safe to use.
My grand mother also told me once: Find what you love and let it kill you.
And in addition to all that, Netflix and important world ruling personalities have taught us back in 2011, that whenever it is time to stay home and obey to the orders, they will care about everyone of us and they will make the impossible to keep us all safe. and that is exactly what the Lovense Lush is about.

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    10 December 2020 user flag in vibease says : Reply

    Vibease are Feeling risky? Pass the remote on a vibrator to your partner and add some unexpected excitement to your next date night.

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