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Many are still visiting chatroulette either to talk to strangers but most are to enjoy some free dicks. That's personally not my cup of tea but JFYI the smartest dick lovers are looking for their dicks in other places that are simply great chatroulette alternatives!

Indeed the number one chatroulette alternative is simply the Live Porn TV by Moniturbate !
It's free, unlimited, does not require any registration and will not bother you with untimely adverts.

The other way of doing some chatroulette alternative, or as the frenchiest of you would say "chatroulette alternatif", and if you don't believe me I invite you to follow these simple explanations that will literally transform your digital gay life into a new world order.

So this is the ultimate chatroulette alternative process for young men naked standing in front of the camera while touching themselves for hours:

1. Go on Google and type "Chaturbate"
2. Probably the first link saying "Chaturbate - Free Adult Webcams..."
3. Click the menu for "MEN"
4. Enjoy the masculine live cam infinity

Now where the magic really operates with that specific chatroulette alternative, is that you can as well record the HD live shows with the Moniturbate Software like if they were simple video files, and it is totally free and unlimited.
Of course their is a paying plan if you really are a recording terminator, but the free plan simply works and is unlimited in time.

Now if... you don't like softwares because they are scaring you out, or because you do not trust moniturbate and that is very sad for you, however we didn't let you down and you can still record your naked men with the Moniturbate Online Version

That's it, you've just become an upgraded gay man about to order a new hard drive and enjoy himself to death.

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