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Moniturbate has led an investigation on why the chaturbate performer sweeetsinner has disappeared from the scene ?
As a reminder, sweeetsinner is the username of a very young camgirl that has reached 14526 followers on chaturbate with about just a few broadcasts. She is a young, skinny and cute girl from Canada, and she fits the category timide, innocent, and very young looking if I forgot to mention.

Her live show recordings are slowly getting removed from the internet but you might have seen the one took with her chubby friend. Nothing too special to be jerking off on but guess what, our Hollywood friends are somehow very attracted to it. Indeed according to Google, sweeetsinner has been looked up over a million times just in California during 2020.

Now... what really happened with sweeetsinner ? and why did sweeetsinner stop camming out of the sudden ? That's where it gets more interesting...

According to some chaturbate's leaks, sweeetsinner would have lied about her age while going through the model review process, and got approved to broadcast herself on the website. After she involved an underage chubby friend in a broadcast, it is said that relatives may have noticed it, and may have contacted chaturbate to get her account closed.

What happened next between the kid sweeetsinner and her upset relatives, that's a story that we really would like to know about in details, however we know from some friends and surroundings that this story has made lots of noise while the familly tried to get the recordings removed from the so many websites serving chaturbate archives.

From the familly's point of view, this story is exactly what responsible parents are trying to keep their kids away from, but we can imagine that it is so easy to fail at it because the internet is simply getting into everyone's life one way or an other and you cannot really protect your kids from it. The society wants you and your kids to sit in front of your computer and absorb what main streams have to serve you, so your opinion about society can be easily controlled as well as having your kids to follow trends, so they can be fashion victimized in order to pass it on to all their friends, just like covid19 was supposed to behave.

Anyway a subject lead to another, let's finish with that point.

So if you don't really care about freedom and you're only here for the porn, and you are absolutely advised to be as long as it is legal in front of the law, then sorry but you might not be able to catch any other sweeetsinner's broadcast because her career is over, but you might want to record other performers ? And that is only possible thank's to the Moniturbate Software.

Enjoy your life <3

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