The recorder worked great but now it behaves oddly

Despite having a great troubleshooting article, one question that I get pretty often from the new users of the software is:

All was working well, the software was recording well, and out of the sudden, it started behaving oddly, and it doesn't record well anymore

If you find yourself in this situation, or even if not, you should understand how things work behind the scene if you want to become a true Jedi !

Chaturbate can soft ban your IP address

Indeed if your IP address is seen too repeatedly hitting Chaturbate server, they will apply soft ban to your IP address, which has for consequences to increase the response time of your requests, and therefore to slow down your access to the website/streamings. The first symptoms of this soft ban can be noticed using the software with the following behaviors:

  • Performer status not being refreshed properly
  • Interruptions in the recordings
  • You starting to be upset

How to avoid Chaturbate soft ban

Lucky for you, we have everything planned to get you out of troubles :) but, it will requires from you to read and remember!

Moniturbate setting seconds between checks

We made a nice option in the settings called Seconds between checks, which has for purpose to set a duration, for example here 7, and that tells the software this simple thing: Always wait at least 7 seconds between requests

This way you know exactly the load of requests that your software is executing. By the way, for those of you asking: "But if you click on rows to refresh manually some performer statuses, it will inevitably produce more requests toward chaturbate than specified in the setting ?". And the answer is YES, it will inevitably trigger more requests, so you better avoid clicking too repeatedly on rows, but if you still click a little bit, its ok because the software will internally remember those actions and will temporarily increase the duration in order to keep an average that match the duration in your setting"

So from here, you have the quantity of requests toward chaturbate server performed by your Software under total control, but a new question raises:

Are you in total control of yourself ?

All your devices share the same IP address

Indeed we're asking for self control because you see, when you browse chaturbate website using your favorite web browser, you are generating additional requests that the software has no knowledge about, and this ways you can still reach Chaturbate soft ban trigger... And i bet that you like to click a lot there !

Furthermore, be aware that all your devices connected to your WIFI, will share the same IP address, so browsing chaturbate from an other computer or from your phone etc... if sharing the same internet connection, is adding requests, and chaturbate sees them all as one entity. Always think of the IP address / the internet connection.

Best strategies to never reach the soft ban trigger

Now that you understand the ins and outs of this madness, you can use creativity in order to make sure you never reach the soft ban trigger.

The most straight forward example is to simply modify the value for the setting "seconds between checks", to a very high number such as 60, whenever you need to browse chaturbate website in order to grab new usernames, and when you're done you can simply bring back that setting to 7.

I personally use a virtual machine running windows 10 and connected through VPN (in order to have a different IP), and I browse chaturbate from there while the software is running on my primary physical computer. This way both software and web browser are hitting chaturbate from a different IP address, and everyone's happy !

If you are using an other strategy in order to keep low profile from chaturbate, let me know ! :)

Don't hesitate to comment or to contact me if you have questions


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