Software troubleshooting guide

You have just downloaded the software, excited like a lice, but no luck, it does not work for you :( what should you do ?

Should you write us to say that the software is shit ? No !

Should you insult us ? No !

Should you threaten to commit suicide ? No !

Should you keep calm and figure something out ? YES !

So after one of our customer sadly ended his life on periscope, we've decided to take action and provide you with a descent troubleshooting guide

We're considering here that you are using the version 2.0.2 or above, if it's not the case go immediately upgrade your software with the latest version

By the way there is no such a thing as "a past version that was working better than the new one", if you end up thinking like that, then you are victim of a coincidence and you should definitely run more tests because the new versions are identical to the previous ones except that we fixed bugs that are probably still in the version that you fell in love with.

You're a new User and never made it worked before

You've just downloaded the software and are trying it for the first time ? First time use and it doesn't work ? Let's go through the symptoms and their solutions

It says "Recording..." but no file is being written

Sounds like a permission problem!
The software needs writing permissions in the folder that is intended to contain the recordings, without granting him that permission, no output file can be written.
Did you put the folder in a permission sensitive location ? (Program files or something), put it instead on the desktop, or on a separated memory drive.
Also some AV do not really like us which is very unfortunate because we are completely virus free, read more about it by clicking here, and so we recommend you, really, to allow the software in any firewall rules you might have, because honestly its just like getting the covid19 vaccine, you're just feeling safer.

It says "Recording..." and switch to "stopped" immediately

First of all does that occur systematically ? All the time no matter what ? or just from time to time ?
Does it do this with every cam site ? or just with a specific one ?
With many performers or just with a specific one ?

Those are the small questions that makes a huge different !

If it does this systematically, no matter what, with all cam sites and any performers, then you are very unlucky !
But we suggest you to look toward your windows version ? (10 and 11 should be fine)
Do you have the right Microsoft .NET framework installed on your PC ? click here to read more about this

Either way there are a few options (checkboxes) that you can try to check in the software, and then test again:
-Always use FFMPEG capture method (You wont be able to select the video size)
-Use CURL as the http gateway (the scanning bar will be a bit slower)

Now lets talk about the cases where it does work from time to time, but to your taste, ongoing recordings are a little bit too often interrupted.

There are plenty of reasons why an ongoing recording can be interrupted, here are a few of them:

  • You're on a WIFI with an average signal
  • You've got a bad bandwidth (<100Mb), check it out here, sometimes low bandwidth internet connexions have micro interruptions of a second or 2.
  • Your performer is broadcasting from a mobile device on GSM network, yes that sucks i know.
  • You're using too much bandwidth yourself because you cant stop watching porn
  • Your CPU just had a roller coaster round because you're encoding a video into MP4

Unfortunately you'll have to figure out what could be the reason, or at least try enough before contacting us just to say "it does not work, fix it !"
Because we can only help people who put good will to help as well.

Your software is running while you keep browsing cam sites

In order to fight against robot and automatic recorders, cam sites have "soft ban" strategies where they count the number of times an IP address is hitting their server. If a given IP address is "requesting" their website too repeatedly, they may apply slowness on your pages load, and as well limit your recording power.

But no worries pal ! We got you covered on this no need to stress out:

The software works at a specific pace, and we made it a setting called "Avoid flooding errors X seconds between checks", it means that no matter what, the software will not make more than 1 request every X seconds.
That allows to temporize its behavior and avoid being seen at a robot. By default this setting is set to 10, which was following our tests a reasonable value.
We recommend you to put a higher value, such as 30, when you intend to click on your favorite cam sites, and then put back 10 when your done.
Putting a higher value in that setting will have for effect to slow down the refreshment task that goes from top to bottom refreshing your performers statuses and triggering auto recordings etc etc.

Unfortunately the software is not aware of the click-click that you are doing on chaturbate or wherever, and therefore if you may click a little too much, both the software fire pace and your clicks could possibly make your IP address reach the "soft ban" trigger, and there you're fried ! You will have to renew your IP address in order to remove that ban.

Renewing your IP address can be done by turning off your router / box for a minute.

Watch out: browsing chaturbate on your phone while connected on the same WIFI network than your computer may result in the same situation.

A problem occurred out of the sudden

Again, take a hit and chill out dude, feel the vibe ok ? Do not freak out, just try again a few more times.
If it doesn't go away, shit in your pants and restart the box, that usually works out for us.

Alright we're kidding, but most importantly we want to assure you of something: We are serious people, and if something happens our Dev is here working (almost) everyday of his life at maintaining the system and patching up the software when something moves on the cam sites side.



  • comment profile picture
    23 June 2022 user flag cr scott says : Reply

    I have the most recent version, and the sound is not working. I am not sure if it is being recorded, or if not being cut in.

    • comment profile picture
      25 June 2022 user flag au Mark says : Reply

      Sound is not working for me, either. Was going to buy a license, but not without sound.

      • comment profile picture
        15 July 2022 user flag fr Daniel says : Reply

        This sound problem is occurring only with recording from Stripchat, and has nothing to do with the software, you simply need to read the video files with VLC.

        • comment profile picture
          1 November 2022 user flag in vivek says : Reply

          On the latest version I am unable to record cams form Stripchat/Xhamsterlive. On the software its showing that its recording but the saved file stopped playing after 4-5 minutes and also during these 4-5 minutes of playback their are many frame drops, These problems were not there on previous versions. Please fix this.

          • comment profile picture
            30 November 2022 user flag lv aaa says : Reply

            the button to load the cookies of the various sites has disappeared. it is only present for chaturbate

            • comment profile picture
              30 March 2023 user flag fr yummy says : Reply

              Stripchat recording file can not be played on version 2.2.0!!! Maybe, since 2023-03-20..... Was stripchat data streaming changed??? please fix it.

              • comment profile picture
                25 May 2023 user flag us Sebastian says : Reply

                I'm having difficulty having the software acknowledge flirt4free rooms. It says they're all offline, when I know they are online. Any one know a way around this?

                • comment profile picture
                  8 February 2024 user flag in ajay says : Reply

                  Recorded files from stripchat having problems some time its stuck at one point or skips some seconds

                  • comment profile picture
                    8 February 2024 user flag in Sujit says : Reply

                    In stripchat site cannot record in 1080p its limited to 720p

                    • comment profile picture
                      9 February 2024 user flag bo fkaz says : Reply

                      In stripchat site cannot recording

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