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If you thought that moniturbate was only meant to record chaturbate, you are mistaken. If you've ever downloaded our software and tried it out, you've noticed that it also support the website

By simply coping and pasting any Stripchat performer's URL into the software, you can monitor the performers passing online and offline, and record them anytime they are seen online.
Moniturbate is designed to download, record, capture any live video stream from as well as 5 other major cam websites.

Initially designed for Chaturbate, this software is also known as the all in one Stripchat Downloader, Stripchat Recorder and Stripchat archive.

Add in the software any Stripchat URL of your favorite performers, and see in real time who's online. Choose to auto-record the broadcasters of your choice, or simply press the record button. While browsing your list of Stripchat live performers, look at the thumbnails to remind you how they look like.

The Stripchat live performers also called stripchatcom broadcasters are highly available online, and many of them respond to the code name stripchata because google has recorded a very high amount of queries from stripchati.

Jokes aside, if you're curious about how to record any video stream from major live cam websites, such as then visit our step by step guide and get yourself a new high capacity hard drive.

If you're simply curious about what Moniturbate is, visit our website.


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    9 April 2021 user flag jm Jhines says : Reply

    I recorded some Stripchat shows recently and they disappear; they are not found in the folder

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      2 January 2022 user flag in Bili says : Reply

      Good one video

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        27 March 2023 user flag in Aslam says : Reply

        I Gus

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